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RugbyReporter is an ongoing development programme to support grass roots rugby. If you're looking for a helpful feature then chances are that someone else will be as well. Just logon to our site and tell us what feature you're after. I'm not saying that everything requested will be developed but if enough people want something that's within our reach then we'll try our best.

RugbyReporter is focused entirely on recording the progress of matches and publishing this information; we will not be implementing league tables as part of this project at the moment



New Features - Half/Full time and Penalty Tickets

Thanks for the use of your product, I used the pro verison of the first time on the weekend (despite the bug - Now reported) I would like to see three more tickets or events added to complete the history log.

Half time button to represent half time in the log, same applies to the full time button. I manually entered these into the the email log. Also Penatly or free kicks (non scoring events!) to highlight the number of plenalty given up during a game.

After my first use, enjoyed the application, its simple easy the use and does not take you away from the action. I must admitt I didn't track the tackle count, but I will try for next weekend.


New events

Great news that you enjoyed using the app, it's really appreciated to get this type of feedback.  I've already located the cause of the bug you've found and will fix this in the next release.  I'll look at getting the new events in that you've mentioned as well.   Much appreciate the feedback


Hi, I have just purchased your Pro Rugby Reporter app and I commend you. From what I have used previously this is definitely the best and Im not playing a 300 dollar subscription for another! Well Done! I would like to ask, when will you add in a missed tackle button? loss line out/scrum and a turnover button also?

I was going through the app and thought it could be a good idea so you categorise each players actions. I mean you can look at the history but what if i want to see what one player does during the game without going through the whole report for e.g I can click on the players name 'John Smith' and under his name is the history of games he has played. Click any game and everything that 'John Smith' does in that game is in order with just information about him... thoughts?

Release 1.6.7

A new release is due out soon that adds some of the requested events in (lineout loss, turnover and missed tackle) plus a bug fix in relation to the timer when paused.   I'm working on a stats module which will cover the remaining points you mention next.  Thanks for enjoying and providing feedback.  Please remember you can rate every version and it really helps with promoting our app

Full Time Button & Email History Statistics

* Full Time event to represent the final whistle, as at times there can be a good period of time between the last play and the final whistle.

* If we could change the wording of Joint Man of the Match to maybe "Other Awards" this should cover all of the options at fall outside Man of the Match, i.e best effort, most try's etc.

* It would be great if we could email out the stats views, for me by match view is brilliant, and quickly highlights the key plays of the game for interested parties.


Hi, thanks once more for the feedback, my inital thoughts are the Full time event can be easily added.  On the change of wording this will be tricky based upon that people have already used it so I can insted just add a new event for the other awards.  Emailing stats, this is going to be a bit more tricky, not for any other reason that the time I have at the moment availabe (hence I haven't done a release for a while); but I'll add it into the list of roadmap features as I agree with you it would be good.


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