Manage Players

Player maintenance

The Player menu option will take you to the Player maintenance screen.  From this screen it is possible to

  • add a new player (using the "+" button)
  • delete a player by swiping left from the right hand side on the player you wish to delete
  • restore previously deleted players (using the Recycle button)
  • edit player details (click on the player name)
  • associate teams with the player (click on the players right arrow)

Add Player

Click on the "+" button to add a player, the new player name can not be the same as any other player name, including deleted players.  If you do need to name a player the same as a deleted player you will have to restore the deleted player, change the name and then delete again.

Delete Player

Swiping left from the right hand side of the player to delete exposes the "Delete" button.  Click this button to delete the player.  Note that team membership of the player will remain even when the player is deleted in the background; you will be unable to see this from the team screen however.

Restore Deleted Players

If you've selected to restore previously deleted players then you'll be presented with a list of players that have been deleted.  To restore one or more teams, just check the box next to the team name before clicking back.  Players will be automatically restored including any connections with associated teams

Edit Players

Clicking on a player name from the player maintenance screen will allow you to edit the player name.  You can not have a name the same as another player, including any deleted players as above

Assign Players

Selecting the right arrow on a player will display a list of teams that can / have been assigned to this player.  Team membership is indicated by a checkbox and can be easily changed.  Teams are listed firstly by those that are currently associated and secondly alphabetical.  Only active (not deleted) teams will be available to assign a player to.