RugbyReporter (Free)

We support two versions, the free version allows the basic events to be recorded and an email to be generated and basic details posted on facebook. If you only want to record the key events (that alter the score) and need no more than 7 players (or don't want to record the players involved) then the free version will deliver everything you need.

If you want the additional benefit of unlimited players, more events, detailed facebook posting, free text match reports, realtime stats and the ability to change the clock, plus all the future enhancements.... then our Pro would suit you needs better.

If you're not sure, why not try the Free version, if you like it and don't want to lose the data you've saved, no problem, just use the backup functionality and then restore this into our Pro version.  No loss of any match, player or team information with a simple to use backup and restore facility.