Event Details

Once an event has been selected from the Event Selection screen you are presented with the ability to record the event details.

If you have selected a "club team" from the team details screen, then this team is the default selected; otherwise the HOME team is selected by default.

If players have been entered for the selected team then the list of players is displayed and is available for selection.

The match time will be displayed on the screen taking the time the event was selected as the default, this can be adjusted as required.

At minimum, a team is required to be selected; although, by default the club team will be chosen so this may not require any further changes. With the majority of events, its also helpful to select the player involved; eg, if a Try has been scored, then the scorer can be selected. If no player is selected then the team alone is used within the event recording. Additionally there are some events will not allow a player to be selected (if this is a team only event)

Finally; the event should then be recorded with the RECORD button

If you have chosen to "edit" a previously recorded event, then you'll be presented with this same screen; however the team, the player (if applicable) and the time will all be set as recorded on the original event. You can at this point change any details and select "Record" once more to accept the changes. Selecting "back" will cancel the edit and return you to the event selection screen without any changes being applied