Manage Events

At the top of the Event entry screen is the current match time (time since the match began) and the current score. You'll also see 3 buttons as follows

  • A "clock" button to adjust the match clock; this would be used if for example you forgot to pause the clock during half time
  • A "pause / play" buton which should be used in sync with the ref's match clock to pause and continue the match time; allowing for stoppages and half time.
  • A "match report" button allowing a free text report to be entered any time during the game. This can be done as a one of or continually adjusted as you see fit.  Additionally, this free text report can be editted after the match has been closed (finished) from the history screen

The Main screen is then split into two sections.

The Events area is a list of the events that you may want to record. This is a scrollable list and will differ depending on if you are using the free or pro version of the application.  You also can restrict the list of events shown in this list from the settings screen if you don't want to use the some of them. To add a new event, just click on the relevant event that you want to record and you'll be taken to the event details screen.

The Events History is a list of events that you have recorded so far in the match, most recent first. If you want to update a previously recorded event just tap on the correct one and amend as required, or, if you want to completely delete a previously recorded event then "slide left" from the right hand side of the screen on the event to delete, to expose the Delete button