Manage Settings

Accessed from the main menu, Settings provides the details behind the application and any settings that are applicable.

Email Setup

The settings screen contains the ability to store an email address. By default, this will be the email used when generating match reports from the match history. If this is left blank then you will have to enter the email address in each time you email a report

Facebook Setup

Facebook configuration is defined on the settings page.  When switched on, the application will use your standard iPhone facebook settings to login to faceback and request authorisation to post on your behalf.  In order for the application to successfully work, all requested authorisation must be permitted.

Once authorisation has been obtained you will be presented with a list of your "like" pages, and selecting one will return you to the settings screen with the like page completed.  By default the details posted to your like page will only include the match teams, date and final score. Optionally, for our Pro version you are able to select to post a full detail report; which is set in the settings page.

At any time, if authorisation is removed or any other errors are found, the facebook functionality will often be turned off automatically in settings in order to ensure that the process is reset. If this happens you are required to go through the authorisation process once more.

Visible Events

Configure the events that are visible in the event selection screen here. By default all events are visible, but if you wish to hide events that you don't use then you can using this selection screen. In order to hide any of the events you need to rate the app on the app store; you are prompted to do this on entry to the screen if you haven't rated the app to date.


Backup your data (teams, players, events, match history). The backup works over email so you just send it to yourself for save keeping. Included are full instructions on how to restore your data into the Pro version of the app. You are not able to restore into the Free version; however, are able to backup your data in order to upgrade between versions

Upgrade (Free version only)

An easy link to the Pro version of our application. Remember you can backup the data in the free version and restore to the pro version after purchase in order that you don't lose your valueable team, player and match history

Support Website

An easy link to this website

Version Details

Settings also contains the version number in the bottom right of the screen. Please use this version number if you are reporting a bug to us or want to discuss any new features or functionality